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Why Glass Pool Fences Are a Smart Buy for Homeowners

You need a fence around your in-ground pool for safety, but if you’re not careful it can ruin the look of your pool area. Typical metal fences are fine, but they can sometimes feel like you’re hiding your pool away from the rest of your backyard. If the idea of putting the pool behind bars is too much for you, a glass pool fence may be exactly what you need. 

Modernize your pool

A glass fence adds ultra-modern style to any pool area. The clean, nearly invisible lines go well with any space, and will always look striking next to the clear, blue water of your pool. Unlike a fence made from metal or mesh, a glass fence gives you an unobstructed view into your pool that makes it look more inviting and also lets you admire it from a distance.

Maximize your space

Traditional pool fencing takes care of your safety needs, but iron or aluminum bars can make your pool area look cluttered. Transparent frameless glass takes up the same space, but lets you see clearly into your pool, creating an open feeling. Glass also has the added benefit of making your pool area appear bigger, making this a perfect choice for homeowners working with limited space in the backyard.

Style meets safety

Crystal clear glass isn’t just for show. It looks more stylish than a metal or mesh fence while being just as safe. Anything in or around your pool is as visible as if there was nothing there, so you can always keep a close eye on little swimmers, even from a distance. Each panel is made of durable tempered glass, so they can take most any beating you can throw at them. Self-closing, self-latching gates add peace of mind that your pool will always be closed up when not in use.

Glass pool fences are becoming trendy and it’s easy to see why. For the style-conscious homeowner, you get all the benefits of a traditional fence without having to sacrifice a bit of your pool’s beauty.

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