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Top Tips to Switch Your Look From Day to Night

Going from a hectic day at the office to drinks after work is not uncommon, especially if you have a thriving social life. “Drinks” might mean a date, a party, actual drinks with friends, or an unofficial meeting. Whatever the situation is, the office dress might not fit into the more relaxed atmosphere after hours.

You may not have the time to go home and change into something more comfortable, or carry a change of clothes to work. That being said, it does not mean that you cannot transform your office wear to be more fitting to the informal “night” outing. With some planning and some extra accessories, you can be ready for a night out in a flash.

These tips will ensure a flawless transition from the official vibe of the day, to a fun, laid back look at night.

1. Remove the layers

Typical office wear includes jackets, vests and over shirts. To get into a more informal mood, take off your jacket or vest and unbutton your shirt. You can unbutton the shirt on top to show more cleavage, and the lower buttons so that you can tie the shirt at your waist. Instant “crop top” look for a night out.

Alternatively, you can wear a nice dress or blouse that might not be “office appropriate”, and just wear a blazer or jacket over it until it’s time to go out.

2. Get rid of the sensible shoes

Swap your flat shoes out for some heeled sandals, and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

3. Accessorize

Your normal jewelry to work should, as a rule, not be flamboyant. But you can pack the hoop earrings, the dramatic neck piece and the jangly bracelets in your bag. Break them out when you’re ready to go, and it will be unmistakable that you’re out for the night.

Scarves, brooches and hair pieces are also a great way to make a bold statement when switching up your look.

4. Makeup

You don’t even need much to say “I’m ready for some fun”. Simple smoky eyes can be achieved with black eyeliner or eye shadow. Throw on brighter lipstick, and you’re all set. The more colorful, the better.

5. Let your hair down

Quite literally, remove the bands and pins holding your hair and let it fly. If that is not an option, consider adding a sparkly barrette or headband to the ensemble to make your hair less formal.

6. Incorporate colors

Whatever the accessories, shoes or makeup you choose to switch your look with, add as much color as possible to relieve the blandness of your office wear. Don’t be afraid to explore offbeat colors like teal and peach, or sparkling jewelry and sequins.

These tips will have you go from formal to a night look in a matter of minutes. Show up to that party looking like a million bucks.

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