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The Big List of Completed Epic Fantasy Series (A Project)

Last week I decided to go through all the books I own, and figure out how many completed epic/high fantasy series I own, but haven't read. The reason for this project was my never-ending internal debate about "reading completed series versus reading new books as they are published". I feel like I've been a bit paralyzed by this debate for a few years now, so I was hoping that if I came up with a long list of completed series that I own, but haven't read, that it would tip the scales. Then I could tell myself "hey, you own 30 completed series that you haven't read yet. Why are you starting series X, when it when it is only on book 2? And you know you will forget the details by the time book 3 comes out?". Note that I didn't mention saving money as a reason, as I know myself well enough that I know I will continue to buy books (that I assume I will want to read eventually) as they are published.

Anyway..all that to say that I've started compiling a list of completed epic fantasy series. Note "epic" in that sentence. This list will not contain urban fantasy, steampunk, paranormal, zombie books, sci-fi, etc. And for the most part, the list will not contain standalone novels. Standalones are only included if they are part of a larger series (like the 3 standalones set in the same world as Joe Abercrombie's First Law series). This list will also primarily be comprised of books from the big publishers. If I start including every indie series on Amazon, my list would become silly-big.

I thought such a list might help others, besides just me, find something to read. Eventually, I'll add this big list to the blog, but at the moment it is still in a spreadsheet. I've uploaded the spreadsheet to Google docs, and am sharing it as a preview. It is still a work in progress, I know there are many more series to add. At the moment, I have over 90 authors totalling almost 950 books. If you see something missing, feel free to post a comment with the series name and author.

Note that I will also eventually add the Kindle books links for each book in the series. The link will contain my referral code. I wanted to be upfront about that in case it affects your decision on whether to leave a comment with a series I missed.

The link to a readable version of the current spreadsheet is here.


Status Update

I know things have been quiet here on the blog the last 2-3 months, and that was mostly due to the new job I started in January. While things started well there, they went downhill rather quickly in April, and I turned in my resignation two weeks ago. I start a new job (as a Senior Mobile Developer) July 7, and the new company should have a much better work/life balance. So I'm looking forward to a fresh start..this new role is the EXACT type of role I'v been looking for the past 18 months...I'm pretty excited about it.

With things getting calm again, I hope to post here more frequently, too. For those of you who still stop by here...thanks, and its good to see you again :)

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My “Want To Read” List of 2014 Fantasy Books

Earlier this month I mentioned that I had spent about 3 hours browsing Amazon to build a list of 2014 Fantasy releases that I would like to read. I also mentioned that I would get that added to the site. I took some time recently to add that list to the blog. You can find the list at the top of the blog (2014 Fantasy "Want To Read" List), or just click here.

As you can tell from browsing the list, I read primarily high/epic fantasy. There is no way I will get to every book in that list, but I'll get to as many as I can (especially those that are specially marked). I'll have to catch up on many of the series, which means I'll have to read quite a few books that are not on that list (like the first 4 books in Moon's series, and the first 3 in Abraham's series, etc).

As I read books from that last, I'll try to update the list to include links to reviews of the books I've read.

Are there any books in the list that you are highly anticipating? Any epic/heroic fantasy titles coming out this year that fit in with my list, but that you don't see (i.e. that I need to add to me list)?


2014 Reading/Blog Plans

Now that this blog is 6 1/2 years old (crazy!), I thought it was time to come up with a reading plan. Over the years, I've watched other bloggers recap their previous year in reading, and lay out plans for the next year. I've never taken the time to do either of those, but thought I would give it a shot this year. Well, I've come up with a 2014 reading & blog plan...not sure I will bother to recap 2013 (haven't decided yet).

Like all of my plans, this could easily fly out the window tomorrow, but as of now, here is what I plan to read in 2014, along with a few plans for the blog:

  • Read More Fantasy: Over the last 2 years, I've read even amounts of espionage/thrillers and fantasy. Over the last few months, I've been less interested in reading espionage and am feeling a return to reading mostly fantasy.
  • Read Ongoing Fantasy series: Even when I have read fantasy the last couple of years, it has primarily (like 80-90%) been completed series. At least for the first 3 months, I'm going to drop that requirement and resume reading new and ongoing series. I feel like I have missed out on fun discussions since I've been reading something different from everyone else. So I plan to read new books as they are published, as well as catching up on series I haven't read the last 2 years.
  • The 10% Test: Each book I pick up to read, I will read the first 10% (that is easier than the 100 page rule I used to have). Once I hit the 10% read mark, I'll decide to a) continue reading, b) put it down for now with a possible return later c) put it down for good and sell the book at my used book store
  • Read more than 39 books. According to Goodreads, I read 39 books in 2013. Not bad for me, considering I do a lot of technical reading for my career...mostly JavaScript books with the new turn my career has taken.
  • I might throw up some brief reviews of the technical books I read. Not sure yet. This also relates to the next item:
  • I'm still deciding if I want to do some professional blogging. By professional blogging, I don't mean writing for a publisher or making money. I mean occasionally posting about my profession. This would some mean posts about JavaScript, AngularJS, front-end development, etc. I could create a brand new blog for that kinda of thing but a) I don't really want to pay for 2 blogs b) even if I did want to pay, I don't know if I would create enough technical posts to make it worth having a second blog. Since I already have this blog, I might try out the technical posting here. If it goes well, I enjoy it, I post them fairly often, etc...then I might consider moving it to another blog. Still trying to decide if I think I have something worth saying in the technical world.
  • I still plan to post about Kindle book deals when I find them. New Fantasy Releases posts will continue, as well.
  • I would like to post more often about e-book reviews of reading apps on iOS and Android, what you can do with a jailbroken Kindle Paperwhite 2, stuff like that.

I guess that's first "Reading Plan" post in a LONG time. Last night I spent almost 3 hours going through the list of 2014 fantasy releases on Amazon...creating a list of books I want to read (now that I plan to read new releases again). I'll likely post that list of books sometime in the next week. Most of the books are being published January through August, since the details on books beyond August were a little sketchy.

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Poll Question: What Genres Do You Read?

I haven't figured out an easy way to add a poll to this blog yet, so I thought I would conduct an old-fashioned poll....i.e. you just leave your answer in the comments. I'm just curious about what you guys/gals read. I'm wondering if most of you stick to fantasy, or if (due to the book deals posts), the readership of this blog is more varied.

So, what genres do you read? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Mystery? Thriller? Something else?

If you have 30 seconds, leave a comment to let me know which genres you read. Of course, if you read in more than one genre, list all of them.

Finally....happy holidays!

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