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Fantasy E-Book Deals Updated (LOTS of Good Sales)

For the first time in a year, I've updated the Fantasy E-Book deals here. I've removed all of the books that are always on sale, to highlight the books that are really discounted. I would imagine that some of these deals expire at the end of August, so take a look before the month ends. Its been a long time since I've seen so many popular books on sale at the same time.


E-Book Deal: Eye for an Eye by Ben Coes ($2.99)

With the next (5th) book in the Dewey Andres series due out in 2 weeks, the 4th book, Eye for an Eye, is on sale in the Kindle store for $2.99 here.


E-Book Deal: The Execution by Dick Wolfe ($1.99)

The Execution is the 2nd novel in the Jeremy Fisk series by Dick Wolfe and is currently on sale in the kindle store for $1.99 here. The 3rd book is due out in June.


E-Book Deal: 3 Robert Crais Novels for $2.99 Each

Three novels in the Elvis Cole series by Robert Crais are on sale in the Kindle store for $2.99 each. It looks like you can also add the audio books for an extra $3.49 each.

-Sunset Express
-Voodoo River
-Indigo Slam


E-Book Deal: Servant (The Dark God, Book 1) by John D. Brown ($0.99)

Servant: The Dark God Book 1 by John D. Brown is on sale in the Kindle store for $0.99. You might remember the book was originally published by Tor several years ago, but the sequels were never released. If I understand correctly, the author rewrote parts of the first book and republished it on his own. He also published the other 2 books in the trilogy last year. I think there is a 4th book coming (maybe later this year)? For $0.99, I thought it was worth revisting this series.