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New Fantasy Releases: Week of October 28, 2014 (Including Sam Sykes E-Book Deal for The City Stained Red)

Below is this week's list of new fantasy releases...

-Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: War Cry Collection by Jim Butcher (Graphic novel)
-The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle) by Patrick Rothfuss
-The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by various authors
-Black Spring (A Black Wings Novel) by Christina Henry
-Eyes Deep: A Clandestine Daze Novella by Tim Marquitz
-Drawn Blades (A Fallen Blade Novel Book 5) by Kelly McCullough
-The Fatal Tree (Bright Empires Book 5) by Stephen R. Lawhead (concludes the series)
-The City Stained Red (Bring Down Heaven) by Sam Sykes (the Kindle edition is only $1.99 at the moment. The print edition isn't due until early 2015 I believe)
-Modern Classics of Fantasy edited by Gardner Dozois
-Sky Pirates: Book Three in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow by Liesel Schwarz


Thoughts on the Kindle Voyage

I pre-ordered the Kindle Voyage they day the preorders started, which means my device arrived on Tuesday Oct 21. I don't do reviews, but I thought I would list some thoughts after using the Voyage for the last 5 days.

  • The 300 dpi screen is a thing of beauty. Crisp, clear fonts with no noticeable pixelation
  • While it is still a 6 inch screen, the device feels much smaller than the paperwhite, partially due to the thinness. It feels more like the previous budget Kindle (with the page turn buttons), than the Paperwhite. I love the smaller, thinner form factor.
  • Many people seem to be complaining about uneven lighting, similar to what happened when the 1st Paperwhite was released. I don't notice any of those issues on my Voyage, as my lighting seems to be nice and even.
  • For a premium device, I wish they had added the ability to add custom fonts. And more options for margins and linespacing.
  • The comments on the PagePress buttons seem to be mixed, but I really like them. I use the low settings for both the sensitivity and the haptic feedback.
  • The flush screen is a big improvement over the recessed screen of the previous Kindle devices.
  • The auto light sensor seems to be broken on mine. It worked the first hour I played with it, but hasn't worked since. This means I have not tried the Nighttime (gradual dimming) mode.

Overall I am really happy with the device and think it is the best e-reader I've ever owned (I've owned a few Sony's, several Kobo's, a couple of Nooks, and almost every Kindle). Yeah, $199 is a steep price for a device that does just one thing: read books. But if you do a lot of reading, and already know you prefer e-ink, I think the Voyage is worth the price. Assuming you get one with even lighting like mine (some of the pictures I've seen posted in the Mobile Read forums are from user's to show how bad the lighting on their devices is, and I honestly don't notice it when I look at most, not all, of those pictures. Either I'm less picky, or my eyes just aren't sensitive enough to detect the issue.)

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New Fantasy Releases: Week of Oct 21, 2014

Below is this week's list of new fantasy releases:

-The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet 5) by Jasper Kent
-Five Portraits (Xanth Book 39) by Piers Anthony

Believe it or not...that's it! Not much going on this week. Next week looks a lot busier, though (being the end of the month).


Reading Diary: Oct 15, 2014 (David Hair, Brian Ruckley)

So I'm reading two books at the moment:

-Mage's Blood by David Hair
I'm a little over halfway done with this, and am surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. The world building is excellent, the characters have depth, and the world's history is well-developed. An all-around great read so far. I just bought the audiobook (added it for just $3.49), so I can't comment on the audiobook yet. I'll likely listen to it on my way to lunch in 30 minutes.

-The Free by Brian Ruckley
This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2014, once I heard it was coming out. As much as I am enjoying Mage's Blood, I couldn't resist starting The Free when I bought it upon release yesterday. I'm 12% into this, and, as expected, its excellent. Even more than I expected, I think. I also added the audio edition to my purchase yesterday and listened to it on the way to work this am (so 20 minutes worth). Even with that limited listening time, I can tell the audiobook quality is just as good as the book itself. I really like the guy doing the narration so far. One of the best I've heard.

So..for the first time in a long time, I'm reading two way-above-average books. Its going to be tough figuring out which one to settle on. I'll probably switch over to The Free, since its a newer release and likely of more immediate interest to those of you who happen to stop by the blog.


New Fantasy Releases: Week of October 14, 2014 (& October 7, 2014)

Below is this week's list of new fantasy releases, according to Amazon:

-Fire in the Blood by Erin M. Evans
-Blood of Gods (The Breaking World Book 3) by David Dalglish & Robert J. Duperre
-The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich
-Of Bone and Thunder: A Novel by Chris Evans (sent a sample of this to my iPhone)
-The Free by Brian Ruckley (I am SO looking forward to this one! Purchased! Also bought the Audible edition.)
-Rough Magick (GnomeSaga Book 1) by Kenny Soward (sent a sample of this to my iPhone)

And since I missed last week's post, below are some releases from October 7:
-Closer to Home: Book One of Herald Spy by Mercedes Lackey
-Scarlet Tides by David Hair (I'm about halfway through the first book and loving it)
-Hawk (Vlad) by Steven Brust (sent a sample of this to my phone)
-The Dark Defiles (A Land Fit for Heroes series Book 3) by Richard K. Morgan
-The Shotgun Arcana by R.S. Belcher
-The Dark Legacy of Shannara Trilogy 3-Book Bundle: Wards of Faerie, Bloodfire Quest, and Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks
-ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00BSB4B9Q&linkCode=as2&tag=fanboonewrev-20&linkId=RLRHUJDZGXZQC5GR">We Are Not Good People (Ustari Cycle) by Jeff Somers
-Silverblind (Ironskin) by Tina Connolly
-The Black Ship: Volume 2 (A Crosspointe Novel) by Diana Pharaoh Francis