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Just Graduated? 5 Ways to Start Your Job Search Today

Finally, after all the hard work in school, you now want to enjoy everything that was promised to you – a good job with a decent pay. A good paying job is not easy to get, especially with the current non-stable economy.

Did you know that more than 1.5 million students graduate in the UK every year? That means there must be more than 1.5 million jobs available for all these students be employed. Of course, that’s not going to happen. Merely half of the graduates can guarantee to score better jobs.

This article has a list of five tips you should consider when starting your job search today:

Outline your Career path

Forget about your pre-school dreams of becoming an astronaut. Right now that you have graduated, be more realistic and base your career path to the skill you’ve learned throughout the 10+ years in school. Consider the several aspirations you’ve had in college and what you attained from internships. This will give you an idea of what industries you should pursue.

Job Research

Your career path may be all set, but still, your scope for job search may be broad. It’s crucial you do comprehensive job research. Get all the information about the jobs available on your educational background. Line up all your skills and figure out how each of them can benefit the given industry. This will help you in writing a well thought cover letter when applying for the job.

Salary Trends

Keep a watch out on the salary trends for each job you have shortlisted. Here you will learn about the job titles in the current market, the role you are supposed to play and the net salary you should expect. This technique will give you options you should prioritize during your job search as well as the job titles to focus on that will contribute to your career path.

Track your target Jobs

Keep track of all the jobs you wish to attain. Follow the specific companies on social media and also don’t forget to read their publications in newspapers. It’s not stalking if you are keeping tabs on the company’s activities. This way, you will get to know if there is an opening position you can fill.

Update your Resume

It is time to keep your resume up to date. There is no need to lie or spice up your CV with skills you can’t perform. The employer understands that you are fresh from college. Hence you lack experience in the specific job title except for internship programs you’ve attended. Be honest and highlight all your attributes. Don’t leave anything out, even the least things you can do can be beneficial to the employer.


Apart from your good grades, it all comes down to how good you are in looking for jobs. Financial experts actually think that a job search is a form of employment as well. So, you have to search for a job as if you are getting paid to do so, after all, it will pay off once you get it.

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