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How to Take Your iPhone XS Max from Good to Best

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With the iPhone XS Max in your hand, you already know you have one of the hardest working handsets out there today. But is it perfect? Not quite. You can take it to the next level by following these quick tips that take your XS Max from good to best.

Ditch the AirPods

The iPhone XS Max isn’t the first handset to go without the beloved headphone jack, but its absence is felt as intensely as if it were. Without this important port, anyone with an iPhone 7 or older has to use a set of wireless headphones or earbuds with their phone. For most people, that means a pair of AirPods, Apple’s own wireless answer to the jackless device.

For anyone who has a long commute or enjoys listening to podcasts and playlists at all hours of the day or night, the AirPods pose a problem. For one thing, their battery power only lasts roughly 5 hours. For another thing, they offer only average sound quality.

By comparison, the Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling wireless headphones create an immersive listening experience. First, it cancels out most background noises and removes mid-level distractions. Second, it has a powerhouse equaliser and virtual surround sound to deliver the best audio possible. Third, it has a 30-hour battery life, so it can keep up with a busy day of listening!

Customize it with an iPhone XS Max wrap

You may know the wrap by another name. Whether you call it an iPhone XS Max skin or an iPhone XS Max decal, it’s not the name that’s important — it’s what it does that makes this accessory such an exceptional addition to your handset. It covers your smartphone in a hand-picked design, transforming it from a standard iPhone to a totally unique device.

Black marble is the latest designs to make a major splash with the followers of dbrand. With a loyal following on Twitter, this company alerts its biggest fans of the newest textures in their catalogue. It boasts a huge selection, so if you like black marble and a matrix of honeycombs, you should check these out too.

What makes an iPhone XS Max skin even more special than any old decal is that it’s grime-free and scratch-resistant. The material used in exclusive iPhone wraps camouflage cosmetic damages and prevents more from ruining the sleek lines of the phone. Some companies, including dbrand, are taking these protective properties one step further with skin compatible cases and screen protectors. Set to come out early 2019, the dbrand Grip and Prism will encase the entire iPhone XS Max while sporting your customized design.

Turn it into a photo darkroom

According to Apple exec Paul Schiller, the XS Max ushers in a new era of photography for the Cupertino-based tech company. And with the impressive list of specs its camera and display have, we’re inclined to believe him. It comes with:

  • Smart HDR with zero shutter lag to merge the perfect combination of shadows and highlights
  • Bokeh depth slider that adjusts the depth of field of an image after you snap the picture
  • Dual 12 MP cameras with image signal processors powered by a neural engine

As a result, the pictures and videos produced by the XS Max are beautiful and rival a professional camera. Even a novice behind the camera will be able to snap picture-worthy shots. And with the LifePrint Photo and Video printer, you’ll be able to print physical pictures to covet or share as you wish.

It connects wirelessly with your handset to print 2X3 photos using ZINK — a zero-ink product that won’t smudge. You’ll be able to print from the cloud, your photo roll, or Instagram, making it possible to share your best photos with a touch of the button.

As phones go, the iPhone XS Max is a brilliant handset, but even the greatest flagship has an opportunity for growth. You can improve your handset with the quick addition of better headphones, iPhone skins, and a photo printer.


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