road trip in Australia

Essential gadgets for a road trip in Australia

road trip in Australia

Are you heading on a road trip to Australia? Make sure you have everything you need to make this trip the best of your life. You may be traveling on a budget, but there are some essential gadgets you will need on the road. You should be prepared for any scenario. After all, a modern road trip is as good as the technological devices you bring on board. From good old smartphones and signal boosters to portable batteries and solar panels, here’s a list of things you will need.

Have a charged battery for life

Australia is a huge territory and you may spend many hours on the road. Make sure your phone does not run out of battery. It is useful to bring an inverter that runs 240v devices like laptops, phone chargers, or any small device. You do not want to rely on cafés and campsites to charge your devices.

Sometimes it takes a long time until you find a place to charge your batteries. While you are on the road, the inverter charges with the vehicle’s battery (it’s a dual battery system). And when you are stationary, it can charge with a solar panel (another useful gadget to buy).

Have signal on your phone

We constantly use smartphones on the road: either to stay in touch with friends, work or to use maps. Most companies are overloaded with customers and don’t have a good signal on the road. A cell phone signal booster will help you in this matter.

With this device, you can amplify weak phone reception and make sure you stay connected. Their system is very simple. Cell phone signal boosters amplify a weak signal up to 32 times. They also improve 3G and 4G signal, no matter which is the provider. Your vehicle can breakdown in the middle of nowhere or you may have an emergency. It’s always a good idea to have a good phone signal.

Look for useful apps

There are many useful apps you can download on your cell phone. Though they are not physical gadgets, apps with maps and lists of camping sites in Australia can save you. Most travelers have voted Wikicamps Australia as the best one. You can search for caravan parks, hotels, etc. No need for bulky travel guides, you can search for specific information. It costs only $7 and it will help you save lots by reading other travelers’ reviews. Plus, you can read all the tips from people who have hit the same roads.

Hitting the road in Australia can be the best experience in your life. Its wild and beautiful territories and amazing cities can blow your mind. Make sure you have all the comforts you need to make your trip the best ever. A battery inverter, a signal booster, and some apps are a must-have! It’s better to spend some money on these gadgets that regret it later on the road, hours away from a city.

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