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Emma: The Best Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software are not created equal. In fact, many of the software out there do not really deliver on promise. Thus, you need to search for the best email marketing software you can really trust when planning to implement email marketing strategy for your business.

If you’re looking for the right email marketing software for your marketing campaign, Emma is your dependable option. Of course, the right email marketing software should help improve your communication, generates leads, builds customer relationships, and ultimately, increases your conversion rates. All these features and more are the reasons why Emma stands out among the packs of the different software out there. So whether you’re talking about an old or new brand, Emma remains a tried and trusted marketing tool in terms of features and functionalities. Here are some of the reasons why Emma remains a top-notch email marketing software for business owners:

Visual Editor

Emma offers impressive drag-and-drop functionality, built-in-photo editing, pre-designed templates, responsive design, and the opportunity to incorporate your own HTML or CSS form. This allows you to focus on your content rather than endless documentation.

CRM Integration

Emma email marketing software helps you automate your marketing processes by enabling 100s of integrations. It allows you to connect with services you can rely on to deliver desired results.

Analytics & Reports

Emma email marketing software provides a detailed metrics on your campaign performances. These details help you to make informed decisions.


Automation is one of the key features that all viable email marketing software must possess. Emma features a reliable autoresponder that can help you to manage your responses. This feature helps you to increase your conversion rates.

Contact Segmentation

If you’re looking to segment your lists, Emma will come handy for you. The software can help to create groups based on different conditions such as: geolocation, autoresponder engagement, click-through, purchase behavior, browser used, and subscription message data, among other possibilities.


Business owners usually choose email marketing software so they can get real business value. Thus, if you’re looking to launch an email marketing campaign for your business soon, emma is your sure bet. Emma can help you to reach a wider audience, yet at a fraction of the cost you would have expended on any of the traditional marketing options. Give it a trial today and watch your subscribers grow at an alarming rate.

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