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3 Interesting Things to See and Do in Moscow, Russia

With the FIFA World Cup coming to an end, most of us have our eyes glued to the TV for the duration of the soccer matches. Even if you aren’t an avid fan of the game, it’s most likely that you still hear about it every once in a while. The world cup doesn’t only show soccer but also the beautiful landscapes present inside the host country, Russia.

Some of us may be inspired to visit it, especially the capital Moscow. This article is for the traveler within all of us.

Whatever your political views, it can’t be denied that Russia has a rich culture and a beautiful picturesque environment which makes it worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Maybe you are already in Russia, or plan to visit it in the future. In both cases, you should know some of the best places to explore once you’re here. Let’s start with things to do in the capital, Moscow:

1) Take A City Tour

No way to explore a city better than taking a city tour from a reputed tour guide. If you want, you can get a private tour guide for several days with a fixed schedule, making sure that you visit most of the important historical and cultural landmarks in the city in a small duration.

Moreover, you can go on sightseeing tours to specific locations if you want to explore certain sites. Not only do you get extra information about nearby areas, but also get to interact with native Russians which helps in further engrossment in the local culture.

2) Visit the Red Square

Nothing as famous in the city as the famous Red Square. It symbolizes the whole city of Moscow and is even oft used to depict the vast Russia itself. And that is not for nothing.

There’s not one but countless attractions to visit and tour in the Red Square. Each one of which deserve their own heading but due to needs of brevity, weren’t given one.

There’s the famous Lenin’s mausoleum which is the resting place for the founder of the communist movement, Vladmir Lenin. Then, there’s the wonderful full-of-colors (literally) St. Basil’s Cathedral with its magnificent domes. And if you are interested, there’s always the Kremlin to visit if you are interested in seeing the President of Russia’s abode (from afar). You can, though, get inside the Kremlin with a tourist group and visit some of the museums therein such as Armory Chamber and Cathedral Square.

3) Go to Parks and Shows

Russia is famous for two things. Vodka and dangerous spies (as seen in James Bond, at least).

Enjoy the cold by immersing yourself in the Russian environment by going to different parks and gardens. Moscu has some of the most beautiful parks in the world. Go explore them. Moreover, just have a good time and relax in different restaurants and bars. The food is quite delicious especially if you just do a little research beforehand on the right restaurants to dine in.

Also, here are several luxury lunches and dinners with live music going on. I’ve went to one of them and it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

These were just few of the things which you can do in Moscow over the course of your duration. Have a great time in Moscow. Poka!

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