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Reaction: Enemy of Mine by Brad Taylor

Enemy of Mine by Brad Taylor is the 3rd novel in the Pike Logan series. You can find my review of the short story prequel here, book 1 here, and book 2 here. Reviewing the same series 4 times in around 2 months is tough, because I feel like I'm just saying the same things over and over. Especially when my reviews of this series can be summed up with: "This is awesome! Go read it now!"

Seriously, though, this series has become my favorite active thriller/espionage series. Yeah, I like the Mitch Rapp, Gabriel Allon, and John Wells series...but if you told me I could only pick one as my favorite, it would be the Pike Logan books. I like the mix of 3rd and 1st person viewpoints, and with each book, Taylor's writing grows more confident, and Pike's POV becomes more nuanced. While they don't pop-up often enough (for me), the little one-liners and quips provide a nice little dose of humor. They add a nice little something extra that I don't notice so much in other series. Add to that, I continue to like how Pike grows as a character, and how he struggles to walk the line between killer and murderer (this distinction becomes an emphasis in this story). In other words, Taylor takes the time to explore how Pike's work affects him, especially pyschologically. And I think this, along with his "voice", is what really pushes Pike to the top of my favorite "heroes" list. Not to mention that each story is well-paced and believable.

I guess this review is more of a summation of why I like the series so much, instead of a review of the new book itself. But I guess that is because I like this series so much, I want to convince you to start from book 1, instead of just jumping into Enemy of Mine (though you can easily read this book first, without having read the earlier books. But if you do that, you will miss out on some backstory, and of course 2 excellent books). If you want to get a taste of Pike, check out the short story The CALLSIGN. I know I sound like a broken record, but for fans of espionage and thrillers, I can't recommend this series enough. Great, great stuff!

Also, a 4th Pike Logan book, The Widow's Strike, is due out in July. The plot of this one sounds even better than the previous books. I'll be keeping an eye on Edelweiss and NetGalley for review copies to be available (in April or May I am guessing).

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  1. you’ve persuaded me, hadn’t heard of him before but no 1 is ordered and in the post to me!

    • Great…would be interested to hear what you think about it. I’m about 200 pages into The Dusk Watchman, but I’ve been more in the mood for espionage lately (sorry!), and I don’t feel like its fair to read TDW when I am in a mood for a different genre. I’ve found that your books aren’t easy to jump into and out of (i.e. they need dedicated, exclusive reading time to get the full impact of the large story). Hopefully I will be able to return to it soon-ish. Really looking forward to hearing more about Moon’s Artifice, too (hope I remembered the name correctly). Do you have a US publisher for the new series?

      • Excellent. Certainly a pretty involved novel so if you’re not in the mood there’s no sense trying to force it!

        It is Moon’s Artifice, no US publisher yet because we’ve not edited it yet, waiting to hear from editor now. I guess once that version is out they’ll be sending it to foreign and US publishers, pub date is now November to ensure the US aren’t forced to follow months behind. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it yes, am thinking of it as a fantasy action thriller until someone tells me I shouldn’t be telling people that… Not an epic scale, shorter time period and far smaller cast list. Given you’re a big thriller fan too it’d very interesting to see how you react to it.

  2. If you folks have not read Brad Taylor’s books, you are missing out. They are page turning thrillers. I have not heard one negative comment – and, that is a good thing, because I probably would have been rude to the commenter. 😉