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Fantasy Round-Up: January 21, 2013

What I'm Reading:
I finished a couple of books last week: All Necessary Force by Brad Taylor and Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan. As I mentioned in my last reading update, the Pike Logan series is quickly becoming my favorite espionage series after just 2 books. The last 20% of the book was awesome, and had me screaming "this is what I read espionage novels for!" inside my head. It had a great, action-packed, emotional ending. Great stuff. I also enjoyed the ending of The Fires of Heaven, and thought the book was very solid overall. I am now reading the next Pike novel, Enemy of Mine, which just came out last week. So far, it is off to an even better start than the previous 2 (which is hard to believe). And I am just about finished with The Ragged Man by Tom Lloyd. I sound like a broken record, but this is another solid edition in the series. I hope to finish reading it later today.

-Win one of 6 copies of Night of the Swarm by Robert V.S. Redick, the last book in the Chathrand Voyage series. Details here.
-Jim C. Hines posted the greatest fantasy book cover of all time. This is a must-see.
-John Marco has review copies of this long-delayed Lukien novel. I'm planning to finally read the 3rd Lukien book, Sword of Angels, sometime in February.
-See Brent Weeks blog post here for details on how to win some Lightbringer swag.
-Read a free Wild Cards short story from Daniel Abraham at here.
-Wert with news that Tad Williams has completed his next Bobby Dollar novel.
-Karen Miller has finished the draft of her next novel, book 1 in the Tarnished Crown series.
-Paul S. Kemp has finished the draft of The Godborn, which is due on shelves later this year.
-Ken interviews Brandon Sanderson.

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-A Memory Of Light by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (Pat's Fantasy Hotlist...this is an im-progress reading update. Pat doesn't seem to be enjoying it very much. His thoughts seem to echo Larry's. The world must be coming to an end for those 2 to agree on a fantasy book :) )
-A Memory Of Light by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (Justin Landon with a guest review at Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review)
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-A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder (The Speculative Scotsman)