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Quick Take: The Twilight Herald by Tom Lloyd

My thoughts on my 2nd read of The Twilight Herald by Tom Lloyd will be pretty short, as I still mostly agree with my review from 3 years (!) ago here. The biggest difference this time is that I think I followed the goings-on in Scree a bit better this time, though I was still sometimes confused about the overall goal (the end result of what happened to Scree). I still enjoyed the book a lot, especially Isak's growth. One character that stuck out for me (i.e someone I liked a lot) in my 2nd read was Doranei, and I hope we see more of him in The Grave Thief. While I've also read The Grave Thief (a couple of years ago), I don't remember much (and is why I read completed series now). Anyway, I'm 50 pages into TGT, and it is off to an excellent start.

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  1. Been meaning to read this series for a while, the covers alone have sold me. I should really get on with it.

    • Yeah, I wish more people were reading it. I’ve hardly seen a mention/review of the last book in the series (which was recently published).

  2. well I can’t complain about those comments! ;0) Unfortanately, the length of the series has naturally reduced the number of reviews. SFX for example published some nice reviews of the first three but were not interested in the ones offered for the last two – was too far into a series and I’m not a big name. Such is life!

    • I think that is one of the weaknesses of the blogosphere…that sometimes the later books in a series don’t get enough attention. While not always true, there seems to be a big effort made to find the next big thing, which comes at the expense of more established series.

      • Ah, it’s a weakness of writing a long series as much as anything. If you’re very successful, you’re set for years as they fans will keep buying the books even if nothing interesting happens in certain volumes….

        ahem, the flip side being, you’re committed to something that’s going to take years and if you don’t win someone over on book 1 (often with all the flaws of a debut) you’re not going to be worth noticing for years to come. One reason why I’m looking forward to getting Moon’s Artifice out is that it’s a fresh start in some ways – pretty self-contained novel, shorter and more accessible, and a whole new world for non-fans to take a look at. It isn’t a Twilight Reign novel and I may lose some fans in not producing what they’re hoping for next, but that’s the trade-off.

        I seem to have done very well in that I actually make a profit for my publisher, but you get the impression that middle ground is getting smaller and it’s harder to reach. You have the big names like Abercrombie and Rothfuss on the Gollancz list, but most who aren’t big names just don’t make enough to justify supporting for years. It’s a risk to put money behind something that spans five books and 6 years and the next big thing is what pays for the failures.

        Honestly can’t say if I’d write something as long and detailed as Twilight Reign again. You only get one chance to be successful in a six or seven year period and that could be the span of your career as a result, quite aside from the mental effort required.

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