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Fantasy Series Ending in 2012 Page Updated. Reading Plan Discussion…

I took a little time yesterday to update the "Fantasy Series ending in 2012" page. First, you will notice I added 2013 to the title. Eventually 2013 will get its own page, and 2012 will be archived. But for now, they will be combined on one page.

The following series-concluding books were added or updated (see the main page for the complete list for each month):

July 2012
-The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire, Book 3) by Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

September 2012
-The Skybound Sea (The Aeons' Gate Book Three) by Sam Sykes (Sam confirmed via twitter that this was the conclusion to the series)
-Night of the Swarm by Robert V.S. Redick (concludes the Chathrand Voyage..this was originally due in May, but has been pushed back several months to September now)

November 2012
-Defiant Peaks: The Hadrumal Crisis Book 3 by Juliet E. McKenna (series is referred to an a trilogy on the author's website)

December 2012
-The Siren Depths: The Third Book of the Raksura by Martha Wells (I can't find a mention of a 4th book on the author's site, so I will list this book as the conclusion for now)

January 2013
-A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
-Power Under Pressure (The Society of Steam, Book Three) by Andrew P. Mayer (the author's website lists the series as a trilogy)

March 2013
-Blood of Dragons (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Book 4) by Robin Hobb. I believe this is the last book in the Rain Wilds series.

Of all the series in the main list, I am interested in these:
-The Annals of Drakis (July..need to read all 3 books)
-The Outcast Chronicles (August...would need to read all 3)
-The Twilight Reign (August...want to reread the first 2, thus I need to read all 5)
-The Traitor Spy Trilogy (August..need to read all 3)
-The Dwarves series (August..need to read all 4)
-The Chathrand Voyage (August. I've read book 1. Will likely try to find a summary of book 1 somewhere and start on book 2. So I need to read 3)
-The Aeons' Gate (September. Started book 1 several months ago. Will likely start over, thus I need to read all 3)
-Seven Realms (October..need to read all 4)
-Dragonlord (November...need to read all 3..if the first 2 are available in Kindle format. I bet they will be, if they aren't already)
-Fallen Blade series (November..need to read all 3)
-Hadrumal Crisis (November..need to read the last 2 of the first trilogy, the short story between the 2 trilogies, and all 3 in the new trilogy)
-Wheel of Time (January 2013...need to read books 3 through 14, so 12 books)

There are some series that concluded earlier in the year, that I want to read, too. But, the series above are the ones I am most looking forward to. Naturally, there are way more books above than I will be able to read by January 2013. The glut of series concluding in August will make things difficult (if I want to read the concluding book the month it is published). My next step is to take a look at the list above and prioritize it to come up with a reading order/plan. I can't guarantee I will like each series, so if I start a series and don't like it, it could get removed from my list (and shelves), or at least moved down in priority.

I will create a followup post in the next day or two after I sort this out and come up with a plan. There are some thrillers I want to read, and I haven't even mentioned Malazan. But with 21 books on the list above needing to be read by August, I definitely need a plan. Plus, making a plan might help me, so I don't flail around among several books at once. I'm kinda looking forward to creating this reading plan to see if a formal reading plan improves my overall reading enjoyment.

Any series in particular you guys/gals are looking forward to finishing this year?

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  1. The Wells series, definitely. Need to catch up on the Fallen Blade too.

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