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Random Stuff: Reading, Of Monsters & Men, Ticket To Ride

Instead of bombarding you with multiple posts today for some random stuff, I thought I would combine them into one post..

First up: reading. Over the past 18 months, I have concentrated on reading only completed series (with only a couple of exceptions). I did that because I found that if I had 1 year (or more) between reading books in a series, I often forgot important details. However, I am finding I don't enjoy reading several books in a row of the same series like I used to. And I miss reading a lot of the new books coming out (and being able to discuss them on the blog and/or forums). So I plan to mix in more new books. I will also continue to mix in some reading in the thriller genre, too.

Second: Ticket To Ride. I bought my first Euro boardgame (as these types of games seem to be called) for the iPad a couple of weeks ago, and it took me a week to finally play it. I've always thought I would like strategic board games, but I don't have anyone around me to play them with. So the idea of being able to play against the computer has always been intriguing, though when I had an iPad 1 (original) I never made the leap to purchase any boardgames to play on it. I resolved to fix that when I bought the new iPad, and Ticket To Ride was my first purchase. I won't go over the description of the game, the link above will take you to the iTunes store for that info. But I did want to say the game is a blast to play against the computer. There are a few different computer opponents to choose from, and you can play against more than 1 of them..thus you could play a 3 player game against 2 computer opponents if you wanted. So far, all my games have been 2 player games against 1 computer opponent. The game also supports online multiplayer and local multiplayer. In other words, there are many ways you can play against computer opponents, and real opponents (both local and all over the world). While I have only played the US board that comes with the game, there are several other boards you can buy with an IAP (in app purchase). The game goes by pretty 2 players games against the computer are usually over in 10 minutes. It is the kind of game where you want to sneak in just one more, so if you aren't careful, 90 minutes will go by before you know it. If you like strategy board games and own an iPad, I highly recommend this one. And if you want to play me online sometime, let me know. It would be neat to have a game with one or more of you one evening. Next up, I hope to play Carcassonne soon.

Third: Of Monsters And Men, My Head Is An Animal album. I somehow missed out on the Mumford and Sons craze, though I liked all the songs I heard on the radio by them. Of Monsters and Men is often compared to Mumford And Sons, so if you like MaS, you should like Of Monsters and Men (OMaM so I don't have to keep typing their full name). I usually don't go for the guy/girl lead singer bands, especially if they are in the folksy genre. But there is something about this band and their music that appeals to me in a big way, despite it being a bit different from my usual sound. At times, the songs can have a really driving beat, and the background chants add an extra oomph. I don't normally associate the folksy type music with the kind I want to turn up loud and sing along, or that would make good driving music. OMaM are an exception in many ways for me. At times, their sound reminds me of the Springsteen Seeger Sessions band...a bit of folk & americana, but with a rock sound, too. This one is highly recommended, and might by my favorite album of 2012 so far (at least until the new Gaslight Anthem album comes out sometime this summer).

Fourth: The Fantasy Series Ending in 2012 page has been updated to fill in some books for October-December. I will continue to update that page once or twice a month.

Fifth: I also updated the Fantasy E-Book Deals page yesterday, though I didn't find anything new to add..just found several books to remove. I need to make more of an effort to update the Thriller E-Book Deals page more regularly. I updated a couple of publishers on that page earlier this week, but never got around to checking the rest of them. I might try to update it at random times over the course of today, so keep an eye on it if you are interested in thriller e-book deals.

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  1. Heya, glad to hear Ticket To Ride is fun. I’m surprised the games are so quick; I know you don’t have to deal with much in the way of mechanics, and the iPad doesn’t need time to “think” like humans, but still. I’m curious if the in-app board purchases add the new rules that the IRL expansions have; I presume so.

    Parallel Lives: I bought My Head Is An Animal two days ago, heh. I’m unfamiliar with OMaM (or MaS, but I’ll check them out), but it was only $6.99 and after a few tracks, especially the catchy “big sound” ones, I bought it. iTunes calls them “chamber pop” (?!). They’re from Iceland, so it’s funny you mentioned “americana.” 😉 Hmm, they were just in my area a couple of days before I bought the album; oh well. They’ll be back for “Taste of Iceland” soon. . . .

    Happy Friday!

    • Ticket To Ride: Yeah, I was surprised at how quickly I can play a 2 player game against the computer. That is probably why I haven’t tried playing online or against more computer opponents yet..those quick games are nice. I will likely buy one of those new boards soon..I want to see how tunnels (and a couple of other new elements on the boards) are handled. And how they change the strategy. I am still very much a newbie and still figuring out basic strategies.

      OMaM: I’ve been listening to it on Rdio, but plan to buy it soon. Most likely I will buy mine from iTunes, too. I think they have at least 1 track that Amazon doesn’t. And $6.99 is tough to beat..must be why the album is #1 in both the iTunes and Amazon MP3 store. I did check to see if they were coming to luck, unless they add more dates.

      have a good holiday weekend!

  2. I saw OMaM play here in Philadelphia on Tuesday and it was an incredible show. I picked up the CD as well and while the CD is great, if you have a chance to catch a live performance, you’ve got to do it.

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