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New Fantasy Book Releases: Week of April 24, 2012

Last Tuesday of the month...expect a big list this week. Here we go...

-Dead Winter (Time of Legends: the Black Plague) by CL Werner (mmpb)
-Azure Bonds by Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak (digital release of an older book)
-Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis (mmpb, digital)
-Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (mmpb, digital)
-Burning Man (Kingdom of the Serpent Book 2) by Mark Chadbourn (tpb, digital)
-The Crippled God (Malazan Book Of The Fallen) by Steven Erikson (mmpb, digital)
-Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch by Lara Parker (mmpb, digital)
-Deadly Descendant by Jenna Black (mmpb, digital)
-Evil Dark: An Occult Crime Unit Investigation by Justin Gustainis (mmpb, digital..note the kindle edition is on sale for just $3.99)
-Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin (mmpb)
-Hard Magic (The Grimnoir Chronicles) by Larry Correia (mmpb)
-Kaz the Minotaur: Heroes, Book 4 by Richard A. Knaak (digital release of an older book)
-Lance of Earth and Sky (The Chaos Knight Book Two) by Erin Hoffman (tpb, digital)
-Lies & Omens by Lyn Benedict (mmpb, digital)
-The Mongoliad: Book One (The Foreworld Saga) by Bear, Stephenson, Teppo, etc (digital, tpb)
-The Nekropolis Archives by Tim Waggoner (tpb, digital..3 book omnibus)
-Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy (Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks (tpb, digital)
-The Pack by Jason Starr (mmpb, digital)
-Rage of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras) by Weiss & Hickman (hc, digital)
-Shadow Blizzard by Alexey Pehov (hc, digital)
-Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Four) by Kevin Hearne (mmpb, digital)
-Weasel's Luck: Heroes, Book 3 by Michael Williams (digital release of an older book)
-The Wind Through the Keyhole (Dark Tower) by Stephen King (hc, digital)
-Red, White, and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth (hc, digital)

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