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Two R.A. Salvatore E-Books for $4.99 Each

While updating the fantasy ebook deals master page this morning, I found a couple of deals by Wizards of the Coast. Both of them are book 1 in a series by R.A. Salvatore:

-Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book I (Neverwinter Saga) by R.A. Salvatore ($4.99)
-Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt, Book I: Bk. 1 by R.A. Salvatore ($4.99)

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  1. It’s been ages since I read “Homeland.” Just you mentioning it makes me want to dig out my copy and reread it!

  2. Still have my paper back copies on display in my library. Might pick it up and reread it just to refresh (not that i need to).

  3. I just bought Gauntlgrym… and I already have Homeland… :(
    … accidentally bought the latter twice 😛

  4. I read the very first trilogy and liked it a lot (back in the late 1980s, hence high school). I tried to read Homeland and it didn’t work for me at the time. I might like them better now. I do have several of the omnibus editions (covering the first 4 series I think).

    • I know this is a dumb question coming from the blog owner, but can one of you visiting from Facebook tell me where you found this page. I am getting a TON of hits from a facebook page, but am unsure which Facebook page. I’m already 5 times my normal traffic, so curious where you all found this link :)

  5. Coming from a post from R.A. Salvatore. :)

    • thanks Julian & Patrick! That was my guess, but I had no way of verifying. Hopefully some of you new folks will stick around to watch for mentions of future deals :)

  6. was posted by R.A. Salvatore so expect a ton more traffic, he has alot of followers

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