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Now In E-Book Format: Wizard’s Destiny Trilogy by Susan Dexter

When I stumble on a fantasy series from the 1980s and 1990s that has been out of print for awhile, but newly released in ebook format, I try to make a quick mention of it on the blog. I remember reading The Wizard's Destiny series back in the 1980s and loving it. I'm a little (well, a lot) scared that if I try to read the series again now that I am in my 40s, I'll be disappointed. I don't have plans to read it immediately, but I will most likely download a sample to my phone and try it out between Wheel of Time books later this spring.

The blurb for book 1 from the Amazon book description:

Tristan is a teenaged wizard with dark hair and green eyes--but he’s no Harry Potter. No cozy boarding school for Tristan either--he’s been home-schooled by the old wizard who discovered him as an abandoned infant under an apple tree on Midwinter’s Night. There’s no one to tell Tristan who he is or what abilities may be his. If not for Thomas, his smart-ass cat familiar, he’d be utterly lost.
One ordinary afternoon, Tristan returns home to find that his master has vanished, leaving his unprepared apprentice to take up the entwined quests for the legendary warhorse Valadan and the lost princess Allaire of the Nine Rings. He’d be no one’s first choice, but Tristan’s the only one left to assemble the essentials of the quest--a wizard, the Warhorse, the heir to Calandra’s throne--infiltrate Nimir’s fortress of Darkenkeep, and steal Allaire from beneath the Winter King’s icicled nose. In their hundreds, the other wizards have tried--and died.
Tristan’s training is exemplary. His will is indomitable. His confidence, however, is nonexistent, and his magic is flawed and unreliable. The fate of his world depends on him--whether he thinks himself equal to the task or not.

I found this review from a year ago on another blog. I also read a bio of the author on B&N and it says she recently "reworked and expanded" the trilogy..changing the name from The Wizard King's War to The Wizard's Destiny. Interesting..guess the series has been tweaked a bit. Would be neat to talk to the author and ask some questions about what she changed.

-The Ring of Allaire (Book 1)
-The Sword of Calandra (Book 2)
-The Mountains of Channadran (Book 3)

Anyone else read it besides me (either this updated version or the original books)?

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  1. Thanks for the link to my post! I’m excited about the news of an expanded re-release of the books; I’ve wondered what became of Susan Dexter. When I looked about last year she seemed to have no presence on the web; after her last YA book (Moonlight) she seemed to vanish.

    If it helps, I’m in my 40’s and loved the books even more than I did when I was a kid. Hope you will too.

    • You’re welcome, Tracey! I enjoyed reading your review, made me a little more excited to pick up Ring Of Allaire. Also glad to know you it still worked for you when you re-read it last year. Hope I am as fortunate :)

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